Focus and Scope

The European Public & Social Innovation Review (EPSIR), ISSN 2529-9824, is a fully peer reviewed and interdisciplinary biannual journal edited by SINNERGIAK SOCIAL INNOVATION (University of the Basque Country). It carries theoretical and empirical articles, case studies and provocative papers to disseminate new knowledge, practices and experiences in the social innovation field.

EPSIR is fully open access and its mission is to enable social innovation in industry, business, non-profit organizations, knowledge organizations and public sector through a serious theoretical and methodological inquiry, and explores implications for innovation policies and/or social innovation management.


EPSIR publishes articles a wide range of topics in social innovation as follows:

  • Micro-finnacing and social innovation
  • Financing risk and social innovation
  • Social innovation management
  • Social innovation and public sector services (local, national and European level)
  • Social innovation, innovation policies and governance
  • Social innovation, social risk and responsible innovation
  • Workplace innovation and social innovation
  • Formal and informal education and social innovation
  • Design social innovation
  • Social innovation and cultural and organizational dynamics
  • Social innovation communities (collective action, collective learning)
  • Local and global social innovation
  • Social innovation and creative industries
  • Inclusiveness and social innovation
  • Social innovation, hybridization and clusters
  • Social innovation and Wellbeing
  • Modes of social innovation and social change (cultural, technological, institutional)
  • Economics underpinning of social innovation
  • Social innovation, social networks and social capital
  • Relationship between social innovation, technological innovation and institutional innovation
  • Social innovation impact assessment and indicators (frameworks and methods)

Types of Articles

Each volume of EPSIR will be made up of two (online) issues per year that will publish two types of works

  • Research articles, which include: a) we welcome theoretical, empirical and methodological papers; b) case studies (experiences and good practices); and c) provocative notes (controversial and speculative ideas). *Full-length papers of up to 5000 - 6000 words.*
  • Books/articles reviews: we welcome books/articles reviews. *Full-length papers of up to 1000 - 1500 words.*

Peer Review Process

EPSIR has a rigorous process of external double-blind peer review to ensure the publication of works of the highest scientific quality. The referee system uses external reviewers and only original texts are accepted for publication.

As a rule, the editors send the manuscript to two reviewers. In case of doubt, the editors may send the manuscript to a third referee, or as many additional reviewers as they see fit in order to ensure the quality of the publication.

As a rule, the editor forwards the manuscript to two reviewers. In case of doubt, the publisher reserves the right to send it to a third reviewer, or as many additional reviewers as s/he see fit in order to ensure the quality of the publication.

The reviewers will assess 10 criteria that have been clearly defined by the journal. They will fill out a form that will be sent (anonymously) to the authors. Each criterion is rated 0 to 10, so after calculating the average score the lowest possible mark is 0, and the highest mark is 10. Based on this average score (quantitative assessment) and the comments of the reviewers (qualitative assessment), the editorial board of the journal will decide whether to accept or reject the paper, to request resubmission, or recommend publication of the paper in another journal.

Publication Frequency

Electronic versions of the articles are published immediately and continuously (publication as you go). Each article is published on the website as soon as we end refereeing, editing, layout, proof reading, and paging.

The journal will release issues on a six-monthly basis (2 issues/year).

Open Access Policy

Open Access statement

This is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access.


Article Processing Charges (APCs)

EPSIR is free of Article Processing Charges (APCs)

European Public & Social Innovation Review does not apply any article processing charges or publication fees.