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The European Public & Social Innovation Review (EPSIR), ISSN 2529-9824, is a fully peer reviewed open access and interdisciplinary biannual journal. The mission of this journal is to enable social innovation in industry, business, non-profit organizations, knowledge organizations and public sector through a serious theoretical and methodological inquiry, and explores implications for innovation policies and/or social innovation management.

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Alfonso Unceta - University of the Basque Country
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Editorial Board:
Sharam Alijani
- NEOMA Business School, France
Andrea Bassi - Università di Bologna, Italy
Steven Dhondt - TNO, The Netherlands and University of Leuven, Belgium
Josef Hochgerner - Center for Social Innovation, Austria
Christoph Kaletka - TU Dortmund University, Germany
Francesca Rizzo - Department of Architecture and Territorial Planning, University of Bologna, Italy  
Julia Wittmayer - Dutch Research Institute of Transitions (DRIFT), Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Editorial office: Roberto Feltrero

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Special issue: Methodological challenges in social innovation research


Social innovation is growing as a field of research and praxis. Yet along with growth, there is also frequent scepticism about it as a fashionable, potentially ideological, policy ‘hype’ that as such will fade away. Social innovation appears to undergo a process of normalisation and standardisation into an institutionalized sector. As indicated by Mulgan (2012), theory has not kept up with practice. Moreover, considering that the concept has emancipating significance, there are reasons for stabilizing SI as a scientific concept and saving it from fading as a passing hype. It acknowledges the progressive, inventive and constructive efforts of various social innovation initiatives, which merit societal recognition no less than the much celebrated technology innovations (Franz et al. 2012).

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Vol 1, No 2

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Research articles

Rick Hölsgens
Sandro Giachi
Christoph Kaletka, Mona Markmann, Bastian Pelka
Jürgen Howaldt, Christoph Kaletka, Antonius Schröder

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